Itinerary by bicycle that follows the canals to look for the old coastline where the towns of l'Aldea and Camarles are located, one of the most important horticultural companies in the Ebro Delta that together with their rice fields will take us to the Ebro River, where we can discover the Island of Gràcia by the river walk that will guide us back to Deltacleta. An indoor bicycle route where water in one way or another will always be present.

icona_ruta3 31 km

Starting Point:

Masia de la Torra - Camino de Sacanella - Sèquia Illa de Mar –Riu Fondo - Canal nou de Camarles- Ermita de l'Aldea – Canal on the left of the Ebro- Calle Reyes Católicos - Paseo Fluvial Deltebre – Calle doctor Sorolla - Canal de la left of the Ebro - Polígono Deltebre – Camíno “del córrer” – Deltacleta.


Points of Interest:
Channels of the Delta de l’Ebre, Geological remains of the old coastline - Arroz Interpretation Center - Ermita de l’Aldea - Isla de Gràcia - Deltebre river road.


Entre canals del Riu Ebre