This bicycle route will take us to one of the most magical, inhospitable and emblematic corners of the entire Ebro Delta. The fact that it can only be reached on foot or by bicycle allows us to enjoy it in all its splendor. The natural dunes, the sea and the complex surrounding the Fangar Lighthouse make it a unique and spectacular place.

This route can only be done guided and in small groups, the intention is to minimize our footprint in the environment and to advocate responsibility in a protected environment. It is a very delicate environment of the Natural Park .... with marked out nesting areas and protected bird breeding, it is also one of the areas that suffers the most from the regression of the Delta. To carry out the route we will use normal “Fat Bike” type bicycles, with very wide wheels specifically designed to be able to pedal through the sand. It is necessary to have a minimum of physical shape since the route does not offer the possibility of an escape if you cannot continue. It is not difficult but pedaling through the sand requires a little more effort.

icona_ruta3 12 km

Starting Point:

Activity duration:

Guided itinerary:
Once we are in Deltacleta we will take our van to move to the place of departure, on the Marquesa beach. Once there we will start pedaling towards the Fangar Lighthouse and we will return through the interior of Punta del Fangar where the mirages will surely accompany us along the route. After the route we will take the transport to Deltacleta again.


Points of Interest:
Ebro River mouth – Virgen beaches and Dunes –Fortification from the Battle of the Ebro and the Civil War.

8. El Far de la Punta del Fangar