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Buddha Island and Migjorn River

This cycling route follows the river path of the river Ebro to one of its old mouths, the Migjorn canal and its beach along the cycle path that borders the river Ebro. Our rides will draw the outline of Buddha Island, a wild and inhospitable environment that will make us travel through time. The recovery of the Violin estate by the Natural Park will also allow us to take a short tour of its viewpoints on foot or by bicycle. The rice field and the river Ebro will be our companions throughout our deltaic cycling experience.

  • Center Deltacleta
  • Masia de la Torra
  • Marquesa Road
  • Deltebre
  • Bridge The pin
  • Cycling way
  • Buddha Island Road
  • Mouth and beach of Mitjorn
  • Return path in the opposite direction to the Masia de la Torra
  • Center Deltacleta

  • Rice fields
  • Ebro river bridge “Lo passador”
  • The river Ebro
  • Traditional fishing art of eels "Lo bussó" (winter only)
  • Canal de Mitjorn
  • Buddha Island Viewpoint
  • The pristine beaches

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40 km

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