The Fangar Bay

If you want to be in contact with the water, you can not miss this route near the Fangar Bay by bicycle. A show that combines traditional fishing activities with mussel and oyster farming, present in the sea huts; the “shoulder blades”. You will have the opportunity to cycle through the purification wetlands filled with waterfowl that will surround you throughout the route along with the essence of the wild beaches. An exceptional landscape that will leave photography lovers mesmerized.

  • Center Deltacleta
  • Masia de la Torra
  • Marquesa Road
  • Marquesa Beach
  • Road near the bay of Fangar
  • Port del Fangar
  • Sea Island Wetlands
  • The Golero
  • Bassa de Les Olles
  • Rural roads to the Masia de la Torra
  • Center Deltacleta

  • Fangar Lighthouse
  • Drain pumps
  • The Golero
  • Sea Island fishing port
  • Fangar Bay shoulder pads
  • Purification wetlands (green filter)

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22 km

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