The Punta del Fangar Lighthouse (Guided on "Fat Bike")

This bike route will take us to one of the most magical, inhospitable and emblematic places in the whole Ebro Delta. The fact that it can only be reached on foot or by bike allows us to enjoy it in all its splendor. The natural dunes, the sea and the whole that surrounds the Fangar Lighthouse […]

Fangs of Baltassar and Encanyissada

Bicycle route that crosses the river Ebro by the Lo Passador Bridge and climbs the towpath that connects the Island of Buda with Amposta to the Fangs of Balthasar, a unique ecosystem due to the freshwater springs that emerge on the surface. The route reaches the northern part of the Encanyissada where we will enjoy […]

Among canals to the river Ebro

Bicycle route that follows the canals to find the old coastline where the towns of Camarles and L'aldea are located, one of the most important horticultural areas of the Delta that together with its rice fields will take us to the River Ebro, where we can discover the Island of Grace along the promenade […]

Tancada and Encanyissada

We will cross the Ebro River by bike to discover the two largest lagoons in the Natural Park, with one of the most important reserves of waterfowl and waders in southern Europe. A cycling route that runs through one of the most emblematic corners of the Delta de l'Ebre. We can visit 4 villages and filter [el]

The mouth of the River Ebro + The Fangar Bay

In this cycling route we will combine two of the most emblematic routes in the northern part of the Ebro Delta, we will be able to check up close all the biodiversity that surrounds the rice fields while pedaling between canals. The combination of both agricultural and fishing human activity and the existence of protected areas of high ecological value make […]

Buddha Island and Migjorn River

This cycling route follows the river path of the river Ebro to one of its old mouths, the Migjorn canal and its beach along the cycle path that borders the river Ebro. Our rides will draw the outline of Buddha Island, a wild and inhospitable environment that will make us travel in […]

The mouth of the River Ebro

From a unique environment surrounded by rice fields you will make a pleasant bike ride in which you will enjoy a comfortable bike path to the mouth of one of the most important rivers in Spain, with its 910km route . Once there, we will feel the fusion between the river and the sea with all its […]

The Fangar Bay

If you want to be in contact with the water, you can’t miss this route near Fangar Bay by bike. A show that combines traditional fishing activities with mussel and oyster farming, present in the sea huts; the “shoulder blades”. You will have the opportunity to cycle through the wetlands of […]